I had my first appointment with a psychologist yesterday. He’s a very nice man, very personable, and he’s Christian, so he has a clue where I might be coming from on some points. We talked for a good bit about different things. Part of me thinks I didn’t tell him enough, but then I remember that I’ll have other meetings with him. And I have things to think about and pay attention to. Plus, my insurance is paying for most of this, so while it will still cost me a bit of cash, it won’t take me for a ride.

I do have limits, though. I can only see him 25 times a year with 100 total visits across my lifetime by default. Depending on the diagnosis, that can change for the better or worse. That isn’t entirely comforting, though. I’ll make sure they know about that next week. Still, it raises the question of how we value mental health through what insurance comapnies pay. If I see the doctor for a cold, I just have a copay and can see them as often as I need to for it. If I have a psychological problem, I only have a certain number of visits to work on that and I have a copay plus paying the balance that the insurance company doesn’t pay. Does anyone else see a disconnect here? Granted, my mental issues aren’t contagious like a cold, but that’s a small difference to me.

In other news, my friend made it to Africa safely. She sent email today with some stories and telling me what was going to be happening the next few days. I love email. From the other side of the world, someone was able to type at a computer and it showed up on my screen here in Redlands. Whats more, it probably only took about ten second to transit half the globe (or longer, depending on how the servers bounced it around). The cables in the Atlantic can send that much information back and forth, across the entire ocean, ten times in the time it takes me to blink my eyes. At risk of sounding like Huel Howser, that’s amazing!