I’ve been wondering in the back of my mind just what I think the point of blogging is. There are probably millions of people doing this every day around the world. Thanks to TrackBack and comments, these sites are somewhat interconnected, but trying to search either for a blog or for ideas posted on multiple blogs is nearly impossible. A List Apart has articles about how important this is and gives tips on how bloggers (or anyone who is part of the living web) should approach their writing. Kuro5shin has a definite opinion to blogs such as this. How is one to decide between the two? How is the blogger to avoid becoming trapped between the hammer who says their blog is ruining the web and the kind anvil lending it’s support but doing nothing to answer the impending blow?

Both of these give the impression, at least to me, that what I’m doing by typing this right now is walking out on a limb where I must be careful not to stray too far off the path. And so I’ve been working on this for the last week wondering if the “blogosphere” will ever notice my little corner. I’ve been wondering how to go about searching for other opinions that I can comment or TrackBack to, engaging in discussion while starting others here. When this place was called “The Life of Robert Yocum,” there was no blogosphere that I was aware of. The word blog may have been coined, but it had not filtered to the level of mainstream upon which I exist. I didn’t care who read this or how many were visiting in a day. All that mattered was that I had a place to say what I though, share my feelings and opinions on the world around me, and maybe strike gold every once in a while with a particular topic.

I lost that somewhere along the way. I’ve decided to take it back.

Here is my message of encouragement to bloggers and anyone else wanting to stand up and express themselves. It doesn’t matter if anyone hears you (not many are probably reading this) and it doesn’t matter if they hear you and agree or disagree. It matters is that you stood up for what you believed. It matters that you went out on a limb and found it was bridge to something better than where you started. It matters that you could reach a place where you could know yourself in new ways.

That is the point of expression. It?s all the better if you can enrich the lives of others through it. But it must enrich your life first.