A List Apart published an article a couple of Augusts ago that I wish I had read earlier. Like I’ve mentioned before, I don’t feel as though I can talk to people about my blog. It seems like something that isn’t mainstream enough. Part of that is reality, part of that are my own issues with acceptance and trust. This article is amazingly well-done and inspiring to not just me, but many people judging from the comments listed.

It leads me to what could be the first big theme in nearly 200 posts on this blog. I’m starting therapy this afternoon. At 4:15, I’ll be seeing a psychologist who I’ve been recommended to in spades (from those I’ve asked advice of). I’m glad to be starting on this new road, but at the same time I’m extremely anxious for what we’ll be discussing. Mostly from the standpoint that I don’t know what we’ll be discussing. My biggest concern at this point is that he’ll say he can’t help me or that I don’t need his help, rather this or that. As though I’m wasting his time that could be given to more deserving patients. We’ll see how the first meeting goes. Check back tomorrow for an update!