I’m a guy living on his own in Redlands, CA. I work, eat, sleep, have friends and fun, and go to church here. My family is from Southern California, so the fruit has not fallen very far from the tree. I grew up in Temple City (close to Pasadena) and learned early on of a love for music and technology. I’ve been a geek for…a while now. I attended college at the University of Redlands with a Music Education major. I now have a job in marketing and lead a team working on email marketing, lead generation, database management, and a host of other things that are interesting, engaging, and will not likely be discussed on this blog as that’s my day job.

I’m also involved in the Redlands community through the First Baptist Church of Redlands.  There, I take part on the 8:30 Service Worship Team (known for now as Worship Team Fellowship or WTF). I also sing with Ensemble XXI in Redlands, so the music thing hasn’t stopped.  I’m just not a teacher professionally.

I also love photography, cycling (commuter-style), local arts, and craft beer.  In the back of my mind is a project that combines these things wonderfully. That, obviously, has yet to ship out of the back of my mind.

Final note: the thoughts and views expressed on this site are entirely my own unless specifically noted as otherwise. I do not represent the view of my current or past employers nor any other organization to which I belong.