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I’ve decided to give up Netflix.  Not for any reason they could change.  Rather because of getting some time back in my pocket.

For the record, the service I’ve received from Netflix has been above par.  Aside from the DVD that arrived questionably late (and only when I had received more than ten or so DVDs within a 30 day period), their service has been exemplary.

However, I’ve found that my evening life has become more and more a sedentiary life.  I come home to dinner and whatever DVDs I have.  Choosing not to watch a DVD on a particular night is difficult thanks to feeling like I need to get my money’s worth from the service and so having to watch as much as possible as quickly as possible.  Also, I’ve seen  just about all of the DVDs I’ve wanted to see.

Once I’m done with the next batch of DVDs, I plan to cancel the service and have a few more dollars in my wallet and more time to do enjoyable things.  Reading a book sounds nice.  Taking more walks in the evening air.  Not spending so much time on my couch is probably the best reason I could think of.  It’s a nice couch, but I’ve got other things to do.