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I went to my third yoga class tonight. It w good, but not because I did well. Rather, I failed quite a bit. In the sense that I couldn’t complete many of the poses.

We did a lot of hand stands and arm stands and shoulder stands. It’s good for me since I’m practicing poses that will strengthen me so that one day I can reach those fully inverted poses. But for now, I’m struggling to get even close.

After the week so far, this is exactly what I need. Don’t deal we’ll with not meeting expectations, either set by myself or by others. I’ve been missing the mark a lot this week in various ways, but yoga tonight drilled a lesson into me very nicely.

In short: failing is just getting as far as you can, trying to get further, and being strengthened so that next time you go a little further.

Tomorrow, I’ll be able to be a bit better at what I need to do because of what I learned today and how I fell short. The day after that, I’ll get a bit further.

It’s not a new lesson at all. A well timed session of focusing on something else in life shining a light on an otherwise confusing and frustrating series of days is still most welcome.