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In the last two years, I received an awesome pair of posters. These are travel style posters for Gotham City and Metropolis that include very subtle hints of their superhero protectors in the poster. They’ve been matted and sitting in my house for months waiting to be framed and hung.

I’ve been more than lazy in getting this last part done, but am happy to say that they are now framed. Sort of. The posters are odd sizes and I’m not yet interested in custom framing just yet. So these frames are a bit too big, but get the job done. Now they just need to be hung on the wall. (Conveniently, wall space opened up recently due to another wall piece falling irreparably.)

As I placed the posters in their frames, I found myself reflecting on how we show value to things. These are more than cool posters to me. They are a gift from dear friends and a sign of how well they know me and my enjoyment of comic book mythos. Why it took me this long to show how much value these have to me is a mystery to me.