I was almost completely bored on New Year’s Day. To the point that a friend told me over SMS that I sounded absolutely miserable.

I realized right then that I really was miserable.

So I went off to Starbucks for an hour to read (the local coffee shop I prefer was closed for the holiday). Anything. Just get out of the house for a while and be elsewhere. By the time that I returned home, my mood had completely flipped.

I’m reminded of the third place concepts that were thrown about a few years ago. It was always presented to me that church is a third place for people, where home is the first place and work is the second. But for people who mainly work at a church, even if it isn’t their day job, a second third place is almost required. Or a fourth place, maybe? Or does church become a second second place in this scenario?

Either way, the benefit of a third place that isn’t home and isn’t work struck me smack in the face this holiday time.