Today, I start my 34th orbit of the sun.

I’m 33. It’s not a prime number, but when I see it, I think it is for a microsecond until I remember. That isn’t important, though.

I’m 33. Church tradition says that’s how old Jesus was when he died. That isn’t important either, but it is morbid and not meant as a self-comparison to Jesus.

The internet in my house is down tonight, but I can still connect thanks to the magic of my Blackberry and a USB cable.

I’m 33 and I am most definitely a bit of a geek.


I don’t know what the year behind me is about, but I have found myself more often removing the unimportant. Do we really need that step in this process? Is it critical that everyone weighs in on this decision? Is this concern really worth my time?  No, you say?  Well, then, let’s do away with that and make something better. Something grander. Or even just make SOMETHING. Let action take place whether it be in the still depths of quiet thought and meditation or the rambunctious and frenetic scrambling of a busy room. That has been a trend of late and it is both fulfilling and wearying. I don’t know what to do with that yet.

For the year ahead, I see good things.  There was a suggestion that I take up street ministry, for instance. But with the twist being that I’d have to mime everything. That’s a good idea, but I think I’ll table it for now and let it grow a bit first. I have my camera and that always has opportunities for good things to happen. There’s definitely a Comic Con in my future. Work is well and I’m gainfully employed. My place of residence is awesome. I reserve the right to complain, but note that others deserve it far more than I do.

I think the next year will be a bit bigger than those things, though. Approaching today, I’ve found myself reminded of things left undone or potential accomplishments in which I should take part. While each of these things on their own are largely good, the overall weight began to crush any sense of joy or fulfillment those things could bring. Rather, it was about doing things because it is what we should do and everyone does that.

Well, that’s not what the next year will be about because that sucked. This doesn’t mean I won’t get to the ideas that came up over the last week, but they’re going on the back burner for a few days until they can simmer down and find the right place in life and the world.  Instead, I think we’ll keep with this important/not important thing for a while and see where that leads.

What I know is that I have a good life with good people and that is a bigger trend spanning multiple decades.  That is important.  That makes possible the life worth living. I need little else.