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I do not often reflect on Labor Day.  What is there to reflect about?  I work, I get paid, and someone out there decided that today was a good day to just sit and relax.

Today, though, seems more significant.  Ten percent of the nation is out of work.  Many more simply are not looking for work and likely not counted in that 10%.  NPR posted a great article about the situation today.  Short story: being out of work does not mean there is not labor.  Seth Godin also did his usual job of pointing out the things we should be thinking about today.

I was dismissed from a job once (the situation does not lend itself to calling it fired).  I was lucky to have great people support me and I got the job for real.  Seven years later, I am in a great place and trying to help people do amazing work.  There is not a day when I do not feel appreciation for the actions of others that led me here.  I do not ever think that I have made it to where I am now by my own efforts (though it did take effort on my part).

Seven years later, I feel complacent more often than one should.  A good friend of mine just left for San Francisco quite literally on a wing and a prayer.  She left a job without having a steady job lined up.  She is in a situation there that will make job searching as ideal as it can be, even in the worst of economies.  She is amazing and talented and I do not worry for her.

Her departure has caused me to think of my own labors and wonder what is next for me.  I am comfortable here and comfortable is a very hard thing to change.  Comfortable leads to a lazy soul.  Uncomfortable is a thing of displeasure that is to be feared for its mystery.

I have projects in mind for myself.  I am not sure how to go about doing them, but they are there still, in the wings of my mind.  Labors yet to be undertaken.  Exciting, undiscovered realms of people and ideas and art and joy.  One cannot be afraid of such uncomfortable things as these.