I’m getting rid of my cable.

I just don’t watch TV any more. It’s not that there isn’t anything good on. It’s that I have better things to do an Netflix let’s me see what I missed (without commercials and on my time, no less).

Part of an effort to simplify my life. Also, save money every month to put towards better things. I’d like to attend the 2012 Olympics in London. Cable seems to stand in the way of that. There are tons of books I have yet to read. Not following television shows relentlessly should help with that effort. I like writing things. Having more time for pursuits that engage the mind, heart, soul, and body is a good thing.

Not to mention photography. Why I only pick up my camera for special occasions is a complex mystery I’d rather dismiss than solve.

So, my cable will end on September 13th. The box is basically a timepiece until then since I don’t watch anything anyway. It actually isn’t even plugged into the TV anyway, so I might as find it’s box and pack it up now. When the landlords return everything of theirs that’s going back, mine will go with it. Less clutter in the entertainment center. Less clutter in the mind.

Maybe TV is like the curds and whey that take over 90% of most people’s brains. If I get super powers, I’m not telling (but I’ll pick flight over invisibility, thanks).

This is also mostly a test. But why send a test if you aren’t going to say something more than “test” for the world?