I love vacation. I particularly love vacations that actually get me out-of-town. I don’t get the staycation idea. That is to say, I understand why people do it, but not why we’ve decided this is the norm. Vacation comes from vacate (I assume, that seems like a no brainer). So why stay put?

I just got back a wonderful vacation in San Diego with awesome people like K&M&L, C, and tons of nerds with amazing costumes (and some with a need for deodorant). Couldn’t imagine a better group of people to see for a weekend, even if I didn’t actually see them much, really.

Getting out-of-town for a few days has really done a number on my soul and in very good ways. I’m reading Thomas Merton and he speaks about silence about a state of mind, almost. Not literal silence (though that’s awfully nice) but being silent. Vacating seems to make this easier. The rush and hustle of the average day easily drowns out that thing we hold as our passion or desire. It’s no wonder I reach the end of many days feeling much more tired than I think I should. But to keep silent and still even while busy and handling fires of the day; I see no reason why this would be impossible.