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Last night’s Fringe took place in an alternate universe.  In one scene, comic book covers are displayed as wall art.  Among the covers is a Red Lantern/Red Arrow cover (being a slightly different version of the Green Lantern/Green Arrow book in reality).  It was awesome and actually created by DC for the show.

DC posted the cover on their blog to share the art with fans.  But it seems that DC fans don’t watch Fringe much as the comments are about typography, political correctness, and mostly wondering if this is a new series or a special edition for the 75th anniversary of DC.
So, I’m a nerd that enjoys comic books.  I’m also a nerd that enjoys Fringe.  It seems that these are two different universes of nerdery that I’ve managed to bridge.
Feeling like an uber-nerd now.  Going to a benefit recital for someone’s, well, benefit.  But also to be less nerdy.
Except I’m also a music nerd…