I've had occasion lately to reflect on how far a small action can go.  Little things that take hardly any effort.  It's just another breath for you.  Show up when invited, help with a job or task, be quiet and listen, give someone a ride, laugh with someone you just met.  Breathe in and buy someone coffee.  Breathe out and smile to your neighbor.  Just the stuff of life.  The ordinary things for me.

But to them, it's the world.  It makes or breaks the day, the week, a lifetime.

Sharing that resume was a piece of cake, but it means something very different to the person that wrote it.  Buying the drink cost less than a few minutes of the day's work, but the person who drank it tasted the nectar of gods.

This is where friendship begins.  Show up.  Be still.  Listen.  Laugh.  And be ready for it to mean something else to the someone else.  And then, breathe.