Yup, this is pretty much the only thing I post all year now. I’m ok with that.  I think.

Today, I end the 32nd trip around the sun and start my 33rd. As is my custom, I take a moment to reflect on the year past and try to peer forward to the year ahead.

In short, this last year has been a blast. It hasn’t been all sunshine for me, but overall, I had a great time. I learned a lot about what I want, about trust, about how at least part of the world works, but mostly I just had fun. And when that was done, I went and had more fun. Even when things weren’t going quite as I had wanted, there was something fun to do. Again, I find myself surrounded by the best people I could know and that has made all of the difference.

It may be a lazy way to talk about the year behind, but “fun” is the word for it. Not just in my life, but in the world around me things just tended to go almost as well as you could hope. It wasn’t perfect. Sometimes, we get exactly what we wish for before we realize that’s not really what we want (even then, there’s that short time when we experience pure bliss of a wish fulfilled). But even then, I can’t look back and see the bad without watching it be overwhelmed by all of the good. Even if, sometimes, the good takes a while longer to show up in my memory.

I have been looking to the year ahead for many weeks now. For one, there will definitely be a new (to me) car. This is quite exciting, though I’m not excited about having a car payment. This Summer brings with it so much potential for new and deeper friendships, yet more fun, and new experiences. The times beyond are even more open with possibility and adventure. Often I have specific plans and hopes. This year, while hope itself is strong, it isn’t for anything in particular. I simply hope.