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Christmas Day has come and gone, though there are 10-11 days of Christmas left (depending on if you count the day I’m typing this).  On the morning of, I woke up in the 6:00 hour.  Though I had already opened gifts from friends the night before (obediently waiting until midnight so I opened them on Christmas as requested by many), I still held that excitement about the morning and opening gifts and seeing what people had given me and what they thought of the gifts I had gotten for them.  I promptly sent out many text messages wishing people a Merry Christmas.  I undoubtedly missed people as I could only send the text to about 10 at a time, so may have skipped over people in my haste.

EOD replied stating that it was awfully early to which I replied that there is no early on Christmas Morning.  She loved that stating “you’re still 5!”

And she’s right.  Even when I’m an ancient age, I’ll still be 5 on Christmas Morning.