I read this and thought it pretty much summed up why this election is losing my interest.  When it first became clear who the candidates were going to be, I was very excited.  In every presidential election I’ve participated in, I felt as if I was choosing from the lesser or two evils.  Two men who were alright, but neither were good.  It was a question of who I thought would screw up less.

When it was McCain and Obama, I was genuinely excited.  Here were two guys who, based on what I knew, I would be proud of my country for electing.  I disagree with the politics of one of them, but I could honestly say that either would be a good president on the whole.

The last two weeks, seeing both sides do more mud-flinging than inspiration has started to bring back the cynicism of the elections.  Instead of two men who want to lead this country to a brighter future, I see two men who will do whatever it takes to become the leader of the free world and save us not from terrorists or costly health care, but from the other political party.  And it makes me sick.

As much as I generally have concerns with the Republican platform, there is true patriotism there, just as there is in the Democrat platform.  There are people who honestly want to see America be a great place in the world.  But lately, the candidates don’t seem to be those people.

I can hope that the debates bring out their better angels and we see two men who love their country and want the best for its people.  But that’s getting difficult.