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I update my Facebook status more often than this place.  Thought I’d share the love a bit.

Last night, I took my first trip to Hangar 24.  This is a craft brewery in Redlands right next to the Redlands Municipal Airport.  Their beer is top-notch.  They offer tastings on the weekends and you can get a pint of their beer for $4.  What’s really nice is that you can get a growler for $35 and they’ll fill it for you (refills are $10).  That’s two liters of beer, there.  And the growler is very nice, too.  So I bought one and filled it with their Extra Special Bitter (ESB).

Now, I’m a fan of Stone and their Arrogant Bastard (and varieties, particularly the Oaked).  Hangar 24’s ESB reminds me of AB, but with less A.  So far, it’s all the best parts of Arrogant Bastard, but not quite as bitter. I”ve got two liters to drink, though, so I’ll write something up again once I’ve constructed a more in-depth opinion.

Also, I’m thinking about calling these folks up and seeing if I can get in while they aren’t doing a tasting and take pictures of their operation. It’s freaking awesome in there.  A very hometown feel, but it’s a brewery. Would love to capture that one.