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I’m finally taking a real vacation.  The fact that so many coworkers were glad I was getting a vacation at last was really telling: I need to get away more often!

Luckily, I’m going off to Geek Central/Comic Con with my good friends Household and Eclectic.  The schedule is set (sort of), the accommodations are arranged, the die is cast, the lots are tossed, the craps are shot…wait a minute.  Take a breath.  In.  Out.  In ‘N Out.  Mmm…double-double.

Yeah, I’m excited about a vacation, but also one to Comic Con.  That will be a great time away from the “normal” of life, and not just because so many people there aren’t the classic “normal” we all love to think we aren’t.

But that’s just this week.  How to keep from getting into the same position again of never having a vacation?  That’s a challenge for me.  Family vacations were always annual, so the weekend getaway is a mostly foreign concept. But I’ve seen that rejuvinate many co-workers and have decided to explore this phenomena.  The only trouble, if it can be called that, is finding a weekend and a place to go.  It may not be every month, maybe every other.  But it’s worth a small cost and bit of effort (but hopefully not inconvenience) to make it happen.

Aside from that, I’ve been enjoying several memories from this summer already.  There was the prom.  And the Special Edition Worship Team. A nearly successful evening flight over SoCal. A church picnic. And that’s just four things I took pictures of and all of them dear to my heart in many different ways (I have two of the songs from the kids on my phone that really help me put things in perspectice on the rough days).

Now to go and make more of these and not have it just be a summer thing, at that.