Tonight, I discovered that I am a victim of credit card fraud.  I was checking to make sure some recent payments had cleared my accounts and saw a transaction from a company known as  I’ve never heard of this company before tonight and had not made any charges for that amount lately.  So I was notably concerned.

I attempted to contact epoch directly, but failed at first.  So I filed a report with my credit card company (CapitalOne).  Returning to Google to find more information, I found many other people who had suspicious charges from this company.  Noting advice that said the company’s phone number was usually on credit card billing statements, I returned to see if there was a different number.  Googling the phone number I found there returned much better news.  This site is legit (or all I could find said it was), but does the billing for many adult web sites.  As a result, they get a lot of people using stolen information and many fraudulent charges come from them.  The next result is that they are typically quick to correct the mistakes.

I found a LiveChat link on their site and, while being careful to avoid giving them my credit card number to use in looking up the transaction, they found the charge and reversed it.  They also gave me the IP address of the computer that was used as well as the email address the person used, both of which probably don’t lead to anyone in particular, but you never know.  The email address was nearly identical to my main email account.  Epoch also blocked that credit card from being used again (bonus points!)

My next call was to CapitalOne to have the current card number canceled and be issued a new one.  That was done switfly and easily.  Since Epoch was already crediting my account, all Capital One had to do was note that and issue a new card, which will be in my hands in 5-7 days.  The only problem with that is I’m leaving next Wednesday for Comic-Con and that’s the latest my card should arrive.  I have another credit card just for occasions like this, but it would be nice to use the one that gives me miles as I purchase a few odds and ends as well as food and anything else that may come up. Hopefully it will arrive before we leave.

So, the story has a happy ending and I don’t see that changing (unless someone lied to me tonight, but I doubt that).  Even if Epoch eventually doesn’t pull through and reverse the charges, the card is no longer valid anyway and so I shouldn’t see future charges.  It was for only $29.99, so much of this is on principal as I can afford that loss (but if I can get it back, all the better).

My first brush with credit card fraud and it took 30 minutes to fix.  The folks at CapitalOne were freaking awesome.  I was already calm about it, but they went to great lengths to keep it that way and assure me that things were taken care of and going to be alright.  I’ll be paying attention to my other accounts, though, in case this person has more information.

This is the only scary part: I never lost any of my credit cards, SSN, or bank account numbers.  Information like that is shredded before I trash it, too.  Even then, I tend to divide the shreds into two piles and toss them into separate dumpsters (yeah, that may be a bit too much).  So how did they get this information to use, I wonder?  They won’t be using it any more, though.