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My stimulus payment came in today.  $600 advanced from next year’s tax refund (if I have a refund).  At least, I think it’s really an advance.  The West Wing said it was and who am I to disagree?

Normally, I’d put it into savings or pay down debt.  But I’m doing well and don’t have any regular debt outside of my student loans.  I could pay that down, but I’m doing well and don’t feel the pressing need.  I could save it and that’s the smart move.  But I’m putting more into savings than ever before already.  Never too much savings, I guess, but it felt like, for once, I could do what The President wanted me to do and spend it.

So I did.

I got a new camera.  A Nikon D40 DSLR, to be exact.  And it’s a lovely camera that I know I’ll enjoy learning to use properly and learning to get great pictures with (and probably a good number of ok, not-so-great, and flat out mediocre pictures, too).

But who cares, right?  The camera’s nice for me and it looks awfully fancy, but what does that for you, dear reader?  Not much, I think.

It so happens that WordPress.com recently released a new theme meant for photoblogging.  I have decided to take advantage of this and start a new blog.  No telling how often I’ll update it (if this blog is any indication, not often).  But it’s something neat to use besides Flickr and Google (I imagine I will continue using those as well, though).