Another year comes and goes. And so another birthday post is written.

Today, I am 30 years old. Three tens of orbits completed. This is supposed to be momentous, right? It feels momentous. But also not. I am much the same today as I was yesterday and I imagine the same will be true tomorrow. But something significant happened, I’m just not sure what it is or how to describe it. Yet.

The last year has been very good. The previous year came out neutral, but this one is overwhelmingly positive. I’ve seen friends find joy more often than pain and have found that myself along with them. My circle of friends has grown and I am constantly amazed by the large number of wonderful and beautiful people I get to see and spend time with on a regular basis. I have walked in grace and joy.

I attended a memorial service for a great man this afternoon. On my way home, I wondered about what kind of man I want to be. And then it hit me. I am the man I want to be. I’m glad I can say that at 30. I’m not done, not by a long shot, and there are still many things I want to be yet and many things I want to do. But I can honestly say that I am the person I want to be when I wake up and when I lie down and all of the time in between.

What the next year will bring is anyone’s guess. It may not be overwhelmingly positive and there may be trials yet ahead.  It may outshine the year I just ended. It may be both. My pastor had encouraging words for me, though: I’m just starting out on the road and there are many adventures yet to happen.

I wholeheartedly agree.