I don’t talk about HeartMath much.  It’s kind of hokey sounding and touchy-feely. But it’s probably saved my life or at least my sanity.

For Earth Day, they are encouraging people to feel genuine appreciate for just two minutes that day. Doesn’t matter when that day, just two minutes of our time to pause and feel good about something. Seems worth it.  Even if it doesn’t make a difference for the planet, it will probably at least help you feel a bit better for a while (even if you already feel great) and certainly can’t hurt the planet.

They made a decent video that does a good job of describing one of the HeartMath methods that is easiest to do and can really turn a day around.  The only trick they don’t mention about is that you have to want it. If you don’t genuinely want to feel better, this isn’t going to happen. That hardest days I’ve had I would get to a point where I wanted to feel as bad as I felt.  But that doesn’t work in the long run and learning this method helped me to realize that.

So that’s the back story there.  I’m very caffeinated, so this post is probably a bit scatter-brained. I’m sure you can deal with it. If not, well, I can’t really do anything about that now can I? 😉