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This weekend, I sang the Brahms Requiem with the Redlands Symphony Orchestra, Community Chorus of Redlands, and U of R University Choir.  For the last few weeks, this single event has effectively taken over my life either with actual time spent preparing or just a strange mental thing sort of looming on the horizon until it’s suddenly upon us in a strangely haunting and wonderful way that oozes over into everything else you do.  Or something like that.

But now my time is a touch more free.  I still have rehearsals every week for the final concert with Community Chorus this season (end of May).  Still have weekly rehearsals with the Worship Team (tonight was cancelled, though).  Random events both exciting and boring (mostly exciting).  But with the big concert behind me, it honestly feels like my entire schedule is suddenly empty by comparison.

So on to pressing matters.

  • Gotta work out Comic Con with the Eclectic Household (or are they Household Nerdery?).
  • Almost ready to complete another orbit (of some significance, this time) and have a nice party for it (daalny and anonymous, need to get in touch with you about that one).
  • Keep up with the high school posse on Facebook.
Yup, not busy at all.  Any plans for the weekend ahead?