As some have pointed out (and I’m not angry about that), I haven’t been posting often on this blog.  But there’s a reason.  One I noted earlier is that there hasn’t been much of substance to share.  The other is that other venues online are making it easy for me to keep in touch with people and broadcast myself.

First, as some of the few readers here may note, is Facebook. This allows me to share quite a bit.  But it’s also a walled garden that doesn’t let me share much with people who aren’t also on Facebook and, in some cases, also my friends on Facebook.  As some of my real-world friends are teachers who wish to remain a bit more unreachable by their students (very, very understandable), that presents an issue.

The other is a newer service called FriendFeed. This aggregates just about everything I do online.  And it can do that for you, too.  Either way, people don’t have to register to follow my activities.  Not a blog, but a look at everything else, no doubt.