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Kate’s targeting folks.  Wonderful.  That explains the bullseye that appeared on my head.  I thought it was for the birds.  May be still.  Thankfully I’m inside right now and that means only Kate can get me here, so nothing to worry about.

Moving on, WordPress finally realized that their GUI was out of date and updated the thing.  About time and not just that.  Well done.  There’s nothing new that I can see, but wow is this pretty.  And it feels easy to use, too.  It may not really be, but if it feels easy to use I won’t care so much.  Adding the time stamps for posts pulled in via RSS is just a nice touch.

As for why I haven’t posted, I haven’t had much to say to the world at large.  Most of the events in my life lately have not been for public consumption and until June, I’m not likely to have time to think up anything else to say.  But there’s this: I’m moving furniture around my apartment tomorrow.  Nothing huge, but I hope that it will open the apartment up a bit more and allow for a more hospitable place.  Or at least a place where more people can come and watch a movie without feeling like the place is full to the brim.  Ironically, my current apartment is about 200 square feet larger than my old one.  But, with the layout it has right now and the different floor plan, the space isn’t being used very efficiently.  It’s nice, but I can do better and so I will.

Next step, figure out what to do with the desk that I no longer use since my TV is now my computer monitor (yay for convergence!).  So now it’s just taken up space in my bedroom and storing things that I don’t really think I need to store (or could store elsewhere.  Oh, and I’ve got a ton of shredding to do.  I wonder if there are mass shredding services I could make use of?