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I’m currently in El Segundo for training in SQL queries (mostly filling in the gaps with what I’ve self-taught over the last few years and learning a lot already after one day).  What I’ve remembered is how much I don’t like LA or the area.  It’s a nice enough place visually, but it just feels so stuck up.  Even here about a block or two from LAX, things aren’t that great, but the mood is that this place is better than everywhere else.  Some buildings are nice, some are run down.  Cars are mostly beat up.  The people don’t look happy, at least when I see them (admittedly, it could be me, but I doubt it as I have a very cheery disposition). None of this is bad except that the atmosphere is one of “everything is fine, ignore that over there, look at this really cool thing we’re doing over here and ignore what’s really going on over somewhere else that we won’t even mention lest we reveal what things are really like.”

Compared to Miami, well, there isn’t a comparison.  And I can say that having been in both places within two months of each other.  Things are nice in Miami, but people are just there and don’t actually seem to care how good it looks, just that things are pleasant and fun and relaxed.  LA seems to have this desperate need to be thought of as hip and so fails miserably at actually being hip.

Just my observation today.  I may change my mind by the week’s end.