Missed our connection in Dallas. Problems started in Miami where people kept trying to trade seats before take off and the very helpful American Airlines attendants assisted while it delayed us 30 minutes (AA flight 401 on 1/30 out of Miami).

Landed only ten minutes late (kudos to the pilot) in terminal D of DFW. Unfortunately, everyone decided to leave the plane even if they didn’t have connections, so it took another ten just to exit. Another ten or fifteen to Skylink to terminal A where our connecting flight didn’t wait for us. The nice lady there bookd us on the next flight two hours later, so we’ll get home tonight, at least.

First missed connection. I’m told my luggage will be in Ontario on the original flight or my actual flight, though. I’m going to expres my disappointment with AmericanAirlines, though. They should have had people seated, not assistin them in changing around so much that we were delayed. Partcularly when the switching could have happened during the three hour flight. Great service there. The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the national flight schedule (a bit overdramatic, but there you go).