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I’ve arrived in Miami safely for my business trip.  The flights were smooth and the connection was made easily.  My first experience getting a connecting flight also didn’t end with losing my luggage, so that was nice.

Thanks to everyone who texted me, emailed, left comments, sent a facebook message, or contacted me in other ways.  It was really a treat to land, turn on my phone, and find several emails and messages come in right then wishing me well.

Miami is probably a beautiful city, but I haven’t seen it in the light yet, so I’ll let you know.  But Dallas/Fort Worth is freaking brown, flat, and dry looking.  And thank God for the Skyline there or else we would never have made the connecting flight going from Terminal A to Terminal D in thirty minutes.

UPDATE: It’s morning here now (4:30 back home) and the sun is rising over the ocean.  Freaking me out a bit, actually.  But the city looks gorgeous.  Turns out that my hotel room looks out right over the water towards Miami Beach (which is across an inlet from me to the left, to the right is open ocean).  And to anyone back West who is wondering, the Atlantic looks very much like the Pacific, just spanning the wrong horizon.  I’m definitely a West Coast guy today and Tolkien had it right when he put Mordor in the East. 😉