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The Christmas wish list page is live again to anyone who has been asking (that’s you, Mom).

This year I’m gearing this page more to the family who have asked. I’m thinking about asking the circle of friends if they’d like to skip the gifts this year and just do cards and hang out. Seems like money is tighter-than-usual for a lot of people, myself included, even if we aren’t in dire straights. I, for one, don’t need gifts to know I’m appreciated and as much as I love to give gifts to show appreciation, I could probably use the stretch of finding other ways to show the same.

Anyone have thoughts about that? I’m interested to know what people think. Particularly since it’s kind of weird when one friend doesn’t get gifts for anyone but family, but friends still give them gifts. As good as the intentions can be, that can also be pretty awkward for some people in either situation.