…not much has happened.  I would have blogged it.  I suppose there is news, but this place isn’t fit for it.

The mountains are burning tonight.  I know more people in that area than I did the last time they were ablaze and I’m pretty confident nearly all of them aren’t there.  I think it reasonable to believe that at least one person I know has lost their home this week.

And all I can do is worry about what would happen if the fire came down to me.  Freaking selfish.  It isn’t all that likely, but I’m nearer to the edge of civilization this time around and I feel more vulnerable even though I’m not, really.  It doesn’t help that the news plays up the danger (sometimes rightly) and people have a tendency to over-dramatize what few reliable reports are coming in.  I read stories about people putting down their injured animals that they can’t take with them and wonder at how much I don’t care about that specific event.  I sympathize, but I’m looking for news.  Are any of the fires contained?  Where are the fire lines any way?  Save the reports about what people had to do to get away until after, please.  I want to hear them, but they aren’t important right now.

Is any one out there just reporting the basics about these fires?  I can’t find them, but they’d be of great help to a lot of people right now, I think.  At least, as long as I’m a lot of people, which I certainly am not.

Strange turn for this post to take.