I left work a touch early today to stop by the car wash. In case you hadn’t seen my car, the back window was really a semi-transparent wall of dirt. No window to speak of anymore.

Well, thanks to the magic of washing cars, the window is back now and the dirt is gone. The dirt is gone from the rest of my car, too, or as much as possible. The car is green once more, not brown trying to look green.

As I told a co-worker today, I need to wash Redlands off of my car. 🙂

What actually got me moving on this was the people who told me my car needed to be washed. Folks at church did that quite often, but it wasn’t until someone who does not often comment on anything about me outside of work mentioned it that I realized how badly this needed to happen. I listen to the folks at church, but usually assign them more credence on weightier matters than the state of my car. People who don’t usually comment,though, get my attention there.

I don’t know what that says about me, my friends, or my acquaintances, but I somehow think this isn’t a good sign. 😦