Upon turning in my keys, a forwarding address and reason for moving was requested. They were actually requested when I gave notice at my old apartment, but I didn’t want to give them yet for good reason.

For completeness, here is the contents of the letter. This was delivered to the management of my old apartment on August 7, 2007 with my keys.

To Whom It May Concern:

Here are the two keys to apartment XYZ as well as the pool and mailbox keys I was issued when I moved in.

Also, here is the forwarding address that I did not put on the move-out form as I didn’t have it yet:

[Hidden for obvious reasons]

My reason for moving, which I also left blank at the time, is due to excessive noise in the complex at late hours of the night and early in the morning. There are frequent loud parties in building !, particularly !XY and !XZ. !XZ is prone to the slamming of doors and loud arguments at any hour of the day and night. Asking the neighbors in !XY to turn down music during the quiet hours listed in the House Rules was never very effective. Most often, “quiet” was still loud enough to feel vibration from the subwoofer in the floor and walls on the opposite side of my apartment from !XY (the wall shared between XYZ and YZA would almost always shake during the parties in !XY).

I did call the police once, but was met with them yelling obscenities through the walls (an act they did apologize for two weeks later). After that incident, I felt that more calls to the police for noise complaints could endanger my safety. Further, the parties in !XY typically included people standing on the balcony/porch area yelling at each other or to people in the parking lot. Generally, apartment XYZ is not a pleasant place to live and so I moved out.

I suggest that the management walk past building ! any night of the week between 8:00 p.m. and midnight. Chances are that you will be able to hear my reason for leaving from the bottom of the staircase leading to !XY and XYZ, if not from the sidewalk or guest parking area.

The on-site management and maintenance staff at [Name hidden] have always been helpful, even when handling complaints about noise, regardless of the end result. [Name hidden to protect the innocent] was particularly kind and helpful and deserves praise for the job that she did here.

I sincerely wish you the best as you continue to offer a mostly pleasant place to live. However, I strongly suggest creating a quieter place to live in order to get better tenants. Stricter enforcement of the rules regarding quiet hours would be a good start.


Former Resident