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A good friend came to my place today to do a very good thing: help me organize the random stuff that doesn’t really have a place, but needs one so that I know where it is when I need it.

Take Christmas decorations as a for instance.  Until today, mine were stored in a large, cardboard box that was quite literally falling apart.  Since I use it twice a year (unpack once, pack once), a box falling apart wasn’t a big deal as it didn’t get much wear and tear.  But the box was larger than needed and did tend to leave behind cardboard particles that could smell odd and were generally unpleasant.

So, a plastic tub was purchased and the contents of the box were moved.  The box is broken down and ready to be turned into something more useful by the recycling wizards from the Ministry of Recycling Useless Stuff Into Neat Things (I hear they are working hard on pogs, but not getting anywhere for the moment).  Now, my deocrations are stored neatly in my various closets along with a small assortment of other plastic tubs and containers for sheet music, candles, high school and grammar school memorabilia, etc.

And I know where it all is for whenever I need it again.  The next move, hopefully a long time from now, will likely contains less “I didn’t know I had one of these” moments.

Bottom line: about $40 for containers and a cheap paper shredder (quite possibly the most therapeutic device ever created).  I may need more, but these are cheap and easy to come by.  Plus, thanks to the paper shredder, I should have more room in the closet once I can combine two filing cabinets of crap into one of useful documents.