I’m fully moved to my new apartment (those who actually know me should be getting an email with my new address and such unless I don’t have your email address).

Ironically, the thing that I’m excited about the most is that the fan and light in the bathroom are on different switches (they were on one switch in the previous place).  I actually heard myself shave this morning with just the light on. The shaving nirvana that I’ve heard guys talk about seems a lot more credible when there is quiet to be had during the process. 🙂

In more interesting news, the neighbors are quiet here.  There is the usual apartment complex noise (people walking around, driving in and out, playing tennis on the courts near my place, etc.), but this place is a library compared to my neighbors.  And I like the background buzz.  Gives a sense of community to the place without the community keeping you up at night. 😉

I went to my old place to get a few final items last night around 8:30 p.m.  My neighbors, who had learned just yesterday that I was even moving, were throwing a celebration party of sorts.  I’m not self-centered enough to think it was completely about me (I’m sure there was plenty alcohol to help give the party purpose), but this party was by far the loudest yet.  I got my stuff, felt thankful that I wasn’t sleeping there anymore, and went home to get a very, very quiet night’s sleep.

Hopefully the quiet trend will continue for a long time.