I had a strange dream last night.

First, a friend of mine was present the entire time, so I guess you could say it was basically about her, but she wasn’t really involved, just there.

It started with grocery shopping in what looked like the Sav-On near my parent’s house where I grew up (and, ironically, was never a place to go shopping for groceries unless they were over-the-counter drugs and the like). This wasn’t weird.

Next, we went back to my apartment, which was actually a dorm room. In this apartment (never mind unloading groceries, they do that themselves in dreams, right?), a Bible study was being held by people I knew and others I didn’t know. Apparently the study was focused on some event that had just happened that would be odd to focus on (the sun came up that day, so let’s pray about that, for instance).

My friend who was present felt this was a good thing and participated, but I thought it was an intrusion since no one asked if they could use my apartment/dorm room for such a meeting, though I had no complaint against the meeting itself that I recall. I joined in anyway, then woke up.

And I was naked the entire dream, which no one seemed to have a problem with except for me.