I turned in my 30 days notice to my apartment management today.  As of August 7, I will officially no longer be a resident of Park Villa Apartments and my neighbors will no longer have anyone to call the cops for them when their parties, yells, or shutting doors become too loud.  Somehow, I think they’ll manage.

That said, moving sucks.  More than just about anything I have ever experienced, it sucks.  I can think of a couple of things that have been worse, but not many things.  I have friends moving to Arizona (which might as well be cross-country for all the work involved) and I can only imagine the factor to which that sucks more (aside from leaving friends behind).  The end result is good, but too abstract to compare positively to the present, non-abstract reality of moving.

I’ve got resources for boxes, utilities to call (thankfully only three, I think), addresses to change (hoping for a PO Box that will make this easier next time), a truck to rent, and willing and able hands to round up for the move itself.  All that in about 3 and a half weeks.  No problem, right? 😉