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The MySpace thing is kind of cool.  But all the poorly designed pages makes my (elitist and snobby) brain hurt.  Is it really worth having bad HTML to get people to learn HTML?  Plus, I don’t find it to be very network-y.  Just there for collectors of friends.

Enter Facebook, which actually makes finding friends and customization easy.  They also opened up their API so that developers could create new applications that you can use on your profile and do really cool stuff like throw food or show everyone who visits where in the world you have been. Useful? Maybe. Fun? Definitely.

The clean interface is worth a lot in my book.  Easily seeing what all of my friends are up to is even better.  There’s a lot of potential here and it’s being realized quickly.

The only drawback is not having many people I know use it yet.  So here’s a link to my profile. If you use it, stop in and say hello.