I’ve decided to step up the pace on looking for a new place to live.   After continued noisy neighbors and a kidnapping in the apartment beneath me (I don’t know if they were the kidnappers or the victims), it’s pretty clear that I should get out of Dodge.

The problem with finding a new place isn’t just the place, but also the money.  Moving isn’t cheap, but it isn’t prohibitively expensive either.  Further, there is the gamble of ending up in a worse situation than the one I’m in now.  Lastly, there is a chance that I’ll be spending much more on rent than ever before to get a place in which I can sleep through the night.  The idea of a $200 increase in rent for my budget is not exciting.

I’m lucky to have friends who have offered to let me move in with them.  The situation is probably as good a deal as I can expect.  However, I have to decide if I still want to live on my own or not.

I’m taking the afternoon off from work tomorrow to hunt around Redlands for decent places and get a ball park about what living on my own in another place would look like.  Luckily, I’m not so strapped by a lease that I have to move in a certain time frame.  If a place won’t have openings for a while and I’m willing to wait for it, I can (which also helps with having more time to actively save money for said move and any other expenses that come up).  There’s also a chance that I’ll end up in a two bedroom place (gaming room, here I come) for a decent rate.  Or I’ll move in with my friends.  There’s a lot to consider and I’m glad to be starting to gather information to make that consideration easier.

Moving is stressful and the decision for a new place is even more stressful for me.  A lot of the next week or two will be spent processing the decision at various stages of rationality.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to stay grounded in reality and not let the variables of the decision become more immense than they actually are.