I just bought a card of the new Forever Stamp from the USPS.  For those not in the know, this is a stamp that is impervious to rate increases.  I can use them any time from now until the end of time (or the USPS) to send a first-class letter regardless of how much a stamp costs.  They are 41 cents each, which is how much a regular stamp will cost starting next week.  They are only available until the rate increase, so act now! 😉

Why is this good for me?  I send postal stuff so infrequently, I still have a nearly full card of 37 cent stamps and the accompanying 2 cent stamps for the current 39 cent rate.  I can still use these (two 2 cent stamps per letter now), but I’ll eventually run out.  These forever stamps will be quite useful since I still have to send postal mail every now and again and now I won’t have to worry about what the current rate is.  I honestly have trouble remembering with so much time between sending things via USPS.