My car is misbehaving. Last night on the way back from worship team rehearsal, the temperature gauge went much higher than normal (but still not over-heating). This morning as I drove to drop off recycling and then to work, it did the same, except it dropped when I was at a stop light. When I parked and got out of the car it exploded it smelled of hot, dirty metal (kind of like when you first turn on your heater in the winter and the dust burns off).

So, it’s off to the mechanic tomorrow morning at the latest. I’m calling at lunch today to see if anything opened up or if I can just drop it off since I don’t need it until tomorrow night for choir rehearsal (and I could probably hitch a ride or ride my bike there if I really had to).

I’m so grateful that I live close enough to work to walk or ride my bike and only really need a car sporadically. Still, I hate taking my car to the mechanic. It almost always means a money sink. But Greg’s Garage has always treated me well and have earned my trust. I don’t mind spending money on quality service from good, decent folk.

UPDATE: The radiator housing was cracked (good thing they make those things out of plastic). New radiator, tubes, and thermostat today or tomorrow. Bottom line: $492, assuming they don’t find any damage elsewhere. Much better than I expected when they told me the problem. Greg’s once again pulls through and does quality stuff for a fair price.

UPDATE II: The water pump is also leaking.  New cost for repairs: $875.  I’m not big on debt, but I’m glad for credit. I don’t mind paying a finance charge to spread this cost over a couple of months.