It’s a fast world. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the “off-line” world lately and not much reading up on blogs and such. As such, I’ve been able to make attempts at being there for friends going through hard times, help in small ways to get a disc golf course going in Redlands, and various other things that just don’t happen on the internet, or at least not as easily.

When I came back ever so briefly, I found new themes for WordPress (I don’t think is one of them, but I like it and the image was fun) and two new blogs from great people I’m glad to know outside of the box on my desk. A guy killed 30+ people at Virginia Tech and I didn’t hear until that night, but didn’t have it sink in until, well, it hasn’t. The Supreme Court said something about abortion, but I don’t know what (thanks for skipping over the details, Daily Show). But I watched South Park this week, so that says a lot about my priorities. I also spent time with my dad, which says better things about my priorities.

This reminds of a strange episode of Growing Pains (or were they all strange…). The kid that Kirk Cameron played (I don’t remember any of their character names) was home sick. He turned on the TV and was shocked to find that Gilligan’s Island was on. Apparently this episode doubled as commentary on the state of public education. The dad said his son was having a breakthrough into realizing that the world went on even if he didn’t participate in the events around him. I guess that was important enough since that’s all I remember (and naturally if I don’t remember it, it didn’t doesn’t matter to anyone else, and thus the lesson was sealed into my soul).

Turn your gaze to something else for two weeks and things still happen. It’s only shocking when you find it to be true.

[Some link love for the new folks.]