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There’s a new service out there now called Twitter.  This thing is like IM on crack and I love it!  I’m going to try and explain it, but you can find a much better job of this at Webware.
Think of it this way.  IM let’s you talk with one person at a time on your list.  Some let you group folks together, but you have to do so each time you want to talk to everyone.  There’s also no record to look back on and hardly any relationship outside of having a list of friends.

Twitter is like sending an IM to the world.  Or to every friend on your life if that’s what you want.  Or just to one.  It’s up to you with each message and you can specify it in the message.  It’s the ultimate in Web 2.0 and it’s incredibly simple.  What’s more is you can use your phone, an IM client, or the web site to send messages and/or receive them from people you are following.  The possibilities for group communication in realtime over any distance (this is a global service, after all) is mind-boggling.  From organizing a group outing for lunch to keeping track of people at a conference for meetups or whatever, this is the tool to use.  And it’s fun.

I’ve added the RSS feed of my tweets at the top right just above my link blog. You can also see other Twitterers in your area using TwitterMap.