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I’ve been having trouble paying my bills for the land line that I used to have with Verizon. Not for lack of funds. They just never got the payment that cleared my bank account. Three months in a row.

So I cancelled the service, particularly since I never used my land line.

Earlier this week, I received a final bill stating that I still owed them for the missing months of payment. I ignored it knowing that they, in fact, owed me about $40 for the overpayments I made trying to make up the mysteriously missing payments.

In a final spastic death throw, my account was finally reconciled today with Verizon sending me the $40 or so I had over paid. The treat was that instead of sending this to my current address, they sent it to my prior address on file (remember, the first final bill came to my current address). Luckily, the people who live at my previous address are friends and co-workers, so I got my mail pretty quickly.

What gives? Were they hoping I wouldn’t get the check by sending it to an old address?