I thought of another thing I could write five things about: running meetings.

  1. Always sit where you can see a clock and keep an eye on how long presentations or discussions are running as well as how much time is left for the meeting if there is a time constraint. Don’t use your watch no matter how accurate your time. The people in the meeting who may be concerned about the time can’t see your watch.
  2. Scheduling a meeting to end “at lunchtime” is a bad idea. How many people do you know that all take lunch at the same time?*
  3. Look at how many people take notes for something you expect note taking during. If there aren’t many, then reconsider if the audience for the presentation is appropriate.
  4. If you find yourself saying during the meeting that the next agenda item is of interest to you, but you aren’t sure if anyone else will be interested, it’s probably only of interest to you. 😉
  5. If you suggest that the meeting may end early today, make sure that it does. If you can’t make sure that it ends early, don’t suggest that it will.

*If you hear stomachs grumbling consistently during your recurring meetings, consider rescheduling. Alternatively, never schedule a meeting backed up to another meeting or event as a means of keeping your meeting short. You need to do this as a meeting leader, not use outside forces to do it for you.

Update: I should probably note that I though of all of these by doing most of them and having meetings that didn’t go as well as I had hoped or planned. As I reread this, it has a superior tone I did not intend.