Today was the first day this year I went to work without my jacket.  Just a t-shirt and jeans Friday for me, thank you very much.  It must be getting on to Spring.

This weekend being President’s day, I’ll be celebrating our nation’s proud heritage by doing the best thing any American can do: shopping.

This weekend I’ll be purchasing a new refrigerator.  The current one is a good appliance, but the motor knocks every time it shuts down.  I’m also sure that it uses far more electricity than it needs to and look forward to getting an EnergyStar compliant model that will actively conserve (all about using less fossil fuels, right?).

This will be the first major purchase of an appliance I’ve ever done.  I made it to 28 without doing so and it’s high time it happened.  I’m looking forward to having something new that will last a long time as well as not having visiting friends jump when the fridge turns off and makes a loud noise. 🙂