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Anyone looking to buy a digital camera should read this article (NY Times).

My camera is a mere 2.0 Megapixels and I’ve always gotten great compliments on my photos.  I like to think that I take interesting shots.  Granted, I can’t print them larger than 8×10 without some interesting effects and cropping reduces the print size considerably.  But I rarely print photos anyway.

That said, I do look forward to getting a new camera someday, but not for megapixels.  I want lenses.  Telephoto, wideangle, fish-eye, you name it.  And flashes so I can do some semi-professional portraits.  And a house that I can set up a room to store all this equipment in.  And a maid to keep it clean.  And…no…that’s about it.

The other interesting thing about this article is how comments to an original post set up a new experiment.  That’s very Mythbusters of them.  Speaking of which, maybe they’d like to take this one on, too?