I had a busy weekend. I usually get at least one day a week to sleep past 6:00 a.m. This weekend was the exception. I was up at 6:00 a.m. both days. One for church like every Sunday (or nearly so) and the other to head off to Palm Desert for a disc golf tournament.

I did better than last time. Though I placed second to last, I had a better score than prior games. Also, the first place golfer was a recent World Champion, so the field wasn’t exactly a small spread from the skill standpoint.

I also really enjoyed the Super Bowl yesterday. I’ve never really been into football very much, but can definitely see the draw. It was an exciting game and I’m glad to see the Colts win, though I may have been about as happy had the Bears won (if only for the potential SNL reruns).

The next few weeks are busy as well. I have two weddings, multiple events at church, and a lot of time spent doing the things of life (movie nights, grocery shopping, work, walks along Market Night, hanging out, etc.). If any of your things of life happen to intersect my things of life, let’s meet up.