I’ve been toying with the idea of changing the name of this blog for some time now.  “Life of Robert” is a not-so-subtle reference to Life of Brian from the masters of Monty Python, but I don’t think anyone gets that.  At least not before a whole host of other things.

What’s more is that I don’t even get it any more (and that’s the important part).  I mean, I get it.  I came up with it, after all.  My mind now jumps to narcissism before comedy, though, when I tell people the name of my blog.  The looks on their faces are secondary at that point, but supportive of my own misgivings.

The easy solution, come up with a new name.  I’ve got an idea of two that I like, but want to see if anyone is reading this that would care to offer a suggestion or try to inspire some thoughts along lines I may not be going down (which you won’t know just to make it more fun for me).

Make a suggestion of a title or something to reference in the comments.  Enjoy! 🙂