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Whether you know it or not, there is a new format war raging between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DVD that would take me back to the days of VHS versus Betamax if I remembered them clearly.

While I like the specs on the HD-DVD format better (plus I’m annoyed with Sony as a corporation in general and they give us Blu-Ray), I really don’t think either format will last long.

Here’s why.

There’s no format war to win if there are no discs to buy.  Only services to compete over which you choose to pay for a download.  And what’s more is that you won’t necessarily be limited to the one you choose first and, most likely, won’t have to buy special equipment for each service.  You’ll just have a computer connected to your TV just like many have a DVR.  In fact, this computer will double as your DVR, too.

It’s a bright future for entertainment.  Assuming we don’t fully deplete our natural resources or succumb to global warming by then.